Thank you for journeying with us so far

Eloise has thoroughly enjoyed being at home for the last few days. She’s the strongest she’s been since pre-Christmas and it is wonderful to see. We treasure our time with her and Anna.

There are no further treatment updates yet. We have the usual community nurse visits tomorrow and a few other appointments over the next few days, but the main thing we are waiting upon is the outcome of the Drugs and Therapeutic Committee meeting. Please keep praying that the committee approve the drugs and that Eloise can have the full drug combination in the UK. Please also pray that the next MRI (the first after proton beam) shows No Evidence of Disease.

Over the past few days, we’ve had a little more time to reflect on the past few months. In many ways it’s still shocking to think about the journey Eloise has been through – it really is ‘bonkers’ on so many levels. As a few people come to our blog ‘fresh’ we have written a summary of the journey so far, which we have included as a link on the home page – we thought others might appreciate reading this too. Writing this has reminded us of the extreme journey it has been, and how amazing it is that Eloise is where she is today. Thank you for journeying with us, persistently praying for us, loving us and supporting us. We have been, and continue to be, truly humbled and grateful.

9 thoughts on “Thank you for journeying with us so far

  1. I love seeing your updates and continue to send you all the luck in the world for Eloise to make a full recovery. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome from the Committee Meeting and the MRI scan. Sending lots of love and hope to you all. Katie (friend of Hayley & Craig) xx


  2. Much love, big hugs, many prayers and great rejoicing with you!!! Rest! Breathe! Trust Him! You are deeply loved! πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ₯°


  3. Praying for you all and thanking Father that He has been , is and always will be in control . In Jesus name .
    Love Penny xx


  4. The journey has indeed been extraordinary – continually finding the right pathway and treatment – each time charting new territory and happening in the nick of time – each time Eloise surviving (!) – and each time dodging the very high number of negative outcomes! SHE IS A WALKING MIRACLE – literally – the encouragement of answered prayer for thousands of people, now all over the world. THANK YOU EVERYONE! THANK YOU GOD!! There is still a long way to go. This is a marathon, at sprint. Please all keep praying….


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