Anna turns 5 today

Whilst this blog is to udpate people about Eloise’s health and to provide some things for people to pray about, we felt today we should write a short post to mark Anna (Eloise’s sister) turning 5. The girls continue to adore each other and we are so grateful to Anna for being such a superstar over this past year!

Our amazing daughter, Anna, turns 5 today.

Anna – we are so unbelievably proud of you. You are a sweet, caring, feisty, considerate and compassionate girl. You care for people and the world around you deeply. We are proud of the way you have grown up this year, the way you have dealt with all the constant sudden changes, starting school (and then homeschooling) and seeing your sister so unwell. It has been incredibly difficult for you, and you’ve had to face things no child should, but we have been amazed at how you have responded. We couldn’t ask for a more wonderful girl. Keep being you. Keep making friends in parks, loving all animals and bugs, enjoying drawing and craft, giggling and making dens.
We love you so much!

15 thoughts on “Anna turns 5 today

  1. Happy Happy Birthday to YOU, Anna!!! πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Ask mom and dad about my granddaughter Emma! It’s her birthday today, too! (27th) Sending you love and hugs! Catherine


  2. Happy Birthday Anna! Hope you have lots of fun and love. I wish you many many many special blessings from God on this wonderful day of your birthday. Pascale


  3. What a delightful little girl , Ana have a wonderful birthday , blessings , love and lots of giggles . Love Penny xx
    Continuing to pray for Eloise and you all, πŸ”₯πŸ™πŸ»πŸ”₯


  4. To you all, I’ve never commented before, but as a member of Anne’s church in Chessington, together with many others, have been following Eloise’s journey and that of your family through your blog/emails. It’s super to see these photos of Anna, and have been praying for her, indeed for you all. (As an aside, am a retired nurse, who worked at the Royal Marsden for many years (adult patients) , and am so pleased the staff are caring for Eloise so well.)
    May God continue to show His love towards your family in the remarkable ways He has thus far.


  5. Happy Birthday Anna! What a grown up girl you have become! I remember sitting next to your Mum at the Electric Theatre when you were a tiny baby and first visiting ER. Lots of love XXXXX


  6. Happy Birthday to lovely Anna such a special little girl and big sister to Eloise

    Love and prayers to all and especially big virtual hugs for Anna



  7. God Bless dear little Anna. Praying for her to stay happy with all the turmoil of her family life xxx


  8. Dearest, dearest Anna, you are absolutely the best. We love you and are so incredibly proud of all that you are, do and cope with. Nanna V and Grandpa Ross. XX


  9. Happy Birthday Dear Anna
    You are Amazing and special
    The Lord loves you so much.

    Keep strong keep smiling.

    God Bless Jane


  10. Happy Birthday Anna , you sound like an amazing big girl and such a wonderful big sister, keep being just the way you are
    Lots of love from the USA xox


  11. Happy Birthday Anna, its my little girls birthday tomorrow but we have a cake today so we will celebrate you too x


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