Over one third down

Over the last week Eloise has done really well – she’s getting stronger by the day, tolerating the anaesthetic well and enjoying being an outpatient.

Eloise thoroughly enjoyed her birthday weekend – all four of us going to Tatton Park on Saturday, opening her presents and to the park with Nanna V on her birthday on Sunday afternoon. You can see that she spends most of her time just wanting to be a normal kid!

She’s had 11 of her 30 treatments and so far, so good. She’s had no seizures and doesn’t seem to be getting too nauseous… she’s just a bit wobbly on her feet in the afternoon (looking a bit drunk from then anaesthetic).

Pete is back in Guildford with Anna so she can go to school. Unfortunately, Pete has come into contact with someone with Covid, which means he now has to self-isolate (Pete is fully vaccinated, so it should be fine, but he needs to self-isolate nonetheless). Fortunately, Anna didn’t see the person and can continue to go to school (big thanks to the Sharpes for assisting with the school run, whilst Pete can’t go out).  This is obviously quite annoying as it means Pete and Anna can’t come up to Manchester for a while. But worse things happen….and another reminder that the virus is still very much around.

For those that pray:

  • Give thanks that Eloise is doing so well and getting stronger. Pray that Eloise continues to cope with the Proton therapy well
  • Pray the proton beam therapy does what it needs to do and OBLITERATES any remaining cancer cells.
  • Pray for protection for Eloise’s brain during proton beam treatment – that her short term memory and other key functions will be protected.
  • Pray against relapse that continues to be such a high risk.
  • Pray for our oncologist and us as we start discussions about Eloise’s post-proton and future treatment. Pray for wisdom to know what treatment to give to prevent relapse.

12 thoughts on “Over one third down

  1. Good news of latest treatments and continuing strength for Eloise and for whole family and support network .Praying for Pete in isolation and for Anna at school .Protection , comfort and good health . Praying all prayers asked for .God blessx you all .praying for you at the front line on your own ,may you know the strength of Jesus the loving arms of Father God znc the presence of His spirit.


  2. Thanking Jesus for the progress and Eloise’s brightness and strength .
    Praying as you ask and for protection for Pete and fun at school for Anna . In Jesus name . Blessings Penny x


  3. So good to hear about Eloise’s progress! Thanking God for these special days! So sorry for Pete having to isolate! May God continue to give you strength and wisdom!


  4. Praying, continuing to pray as guided… Thank you for updates which remind me how to pray, and how important it is…


  5. So thankful Eloise is tolerating the treatment well. I am completely in awe of the strength and fortitude of you all. Thinking particularly of Pete an Anna in Guildford and praying for no relapse.


  6. Dear Pete and Melissa,

    Just wanted to check, is this a safe and OK email address to use for you ??

    Thank you Peter Besley


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