One week down and so far so good.

Eloise has had 6 sessions of her proton beam therapy (PBT) and so far it’s been going well. As a friend commented – it’s 20% and we would have passed the 5 mile mark in a marathon.

We are so grateful it’s been going well. Eloise has been getting hungry (and angry) in the morning before treatment, as expected, but apart from that is doing fine. She’s tolerating the constant anaesthetics and hasn’t had any seizures. She doesn’t seem to be too nauseous/sick (yet). She’s obviously tired at points, and she’s needed one blood transfusion at the Manchester Childrens Hospital (another great place!), but apart from that she’s still generally got enough energy to go out in the afternoon. She’s even smiling a bit more too (we think getting stronger and actually having some time with us not wearing a mask is helping!).

One of the highlights of the past week was seeing the extended Lawson family at a park on Sunday afternoon. The girls were able to see family they haven’t seen for 18 months and meet one of their newest cousins. What a treat. The girls have also just enjoyed generally being together for an extended period of time.

How do we feel?

Emotionally we’ve found the last while a bit more challenging. Other children we know of, who have similar brain tumours/cancer have been going through a tough time and we feel so desperately sad for these families. Desperately sad. We are grateful for how Eloise is currently doing – but knowing things can change pretty much instantaneously and that we never know what the next day brings.

For those that pray:

  • Praise God that Eloise is tolerating the PBT so far, is smiling a bit more and hasn’t had any seizures!
  • Please pray all the above continues – especially as some of the side effects are cumulative and thus more likely to kick in over the coming weeks.
  • Pray that this OBLITERATES any remaining cancer cells and that Eloise doesn’t relapse – either during PBT or after. Please continue to pray for a miracle and for Eloise to defy all the dreadful stats.
  • Please pray for massive protection from the long term side effects of this treatment. Pray for Eloise’s brain to be protected.
  • Please pray for other families also having to go through horrendous journeys of having a child with a dreadful cancer.
  • Please pray for Anna too – we are conscious the last few months have been exceptionally hard on her too

10 thoughts on “One week down and so far so good.

  1. Praise God for all those many good things and answers to prayer. Hope you can hear the crowds cheering you on in this extraordinary marathon and the multitude of prayers and praise. Will continue to pray and also for those other dear children and their families. Fi (friend of Ross and Yvonne’s)


  2. Thank you for the update. You are so much ch in my heart.
    I have been praying for Anna to have special encounters with God, and for her destiny like Anna who heard the secrets of God and passed them on. Also that each time Eloise is anaesthetised she too encounters Father in a way that is uniquely wonderful to her.
    Praying for you both too. I imagine the pain at times is unbearable xx


  3. Every single day I pray for each of you.
    We must keep praying the same thing again and again because, over time, our prayers will change the answers we expect because of our faith.
    Keep yourself strong, we are praying for your courageous family!
    We keep the arms up during your battle, and when the storm sounds hard, feel calm because the Lord is on board.

    I know it is easy to say it and tough to achieve it, but with faith we are going to make it.
    Jesus ever answers to our faith, and united we have a lot!


  4. I pray that you will feel the presence of the Lord as you continue down this road of anxiety. May God Bless you all.


  5. Praising God for the 20% completion of treatments and smiles and family time! I cannot begin to imagine the emotional roller coaster of all that’s going on! May God bring bits of rest when needed most, peace from His presence, hope for the future, and endurance to stay the course that is so hard to bear. May the love and prayers of others encourage your hearts and may this dreadful cancer be obliterated! ❤️🙏🏻


  6. So pleased to read of this progress so far. Continuing to pray regularly for you all (another friend of Yvonne & Ross),


  7. Thank you so much for the update . Praying as you ask, all part of the miracle that you need . Each pstep is a building block for you all .,
    Praising and thanking Father for the progress and provision . Blessings , Penny x


  8. We hope that the next update will have Eloise well on the way to winning the marathon or even better be already past the winning post.
    It is amazing that young children do have so much courage in facing such dreadful problems.

    Linda & Family


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