Proton planning completed and scheduled to start next week!

We unexpectedly arrived back from Manchester late last night, concluding a successful trip to the Christie Centre for planning the Proton Beam Therapy. The trip wasn’t without entirely without event though…

Following the last update on Monday night, Eloise’s scans (CT and MRI) and face mould fitting went well on Tuesday. Thank you for all those that prayed. Eloise went under GA at about 1pm and then had her various scans etc.  She then went to the Manchester Children’s Hospital for her shunt to be adjusted (the MRI adjusts the shunt setting each time).  Unfortunately readjusting the shunt back wasn’t very easy to do and after several failed attempts, followed by several x-rays to see if the shunt needed adjusting (which it eventually showed it did!) we returned to the flat without an unadjusted shunt and needed to return the next day.  Eloise was a legend…bloods, MRIs, CTs, mould fittings and several x-rays in one day!  Well done Eloise!  Just for a laugh though – we got back to the flat about 9pm, and 5 minutes after Eloise fell asleep, the fire alarm in the flat went off due to an electrical fault.  We did eventually get to bed…

Yesterday (Wednesday) lunchtime we returned to the Children’s hospital and the shunt was adjusted corrected – so all good now!  We were then told that The Christie Centre had everything they needed from the scans, so we could go home.  Fantastic!

Eloise will start Proton Beam therapy in Manchester on Wednesday (26th) morning.  This is earlier than we expected and is great news!

We now have a few days at home, with a few appointments on Monday, before travelling up to Manchester on Tuesday.  There are quite a few logistics and practicalities to sort to be away for so long (from prescriptions and feed deliveries to be in the correct place, Covid tests, to sorting diaries/appointments and plans for Anna etc) but we will enjoy a few days at home all together before we embark on this next stage. 

That said, Eloise has just pulled her NG tube out again (she did twice at the weekend too!) and so we are heading back into the Royal Surrey for them to re-fit it, so we can give Eloise her feed tonight.  Such is the life of a kid with cancer unfortunately (no day is off!).

 For those that pray:

  • Give thanks that Proton planning went well and that Eloise will start therapy on Wednesday!
  • Give thanks that Eloise is doing so well – she really is.
  • Pray that the next few days go smoothly and that we can sort all the necessary logistics.  Pray for energy to keep going! 

15 thoughts on “Proton planning completed and scheduled to start next week!

  1. Eloise and all the family are constantly in our prayers here in Lincolnshire. We thank God for what He has done so far and will be praying for Eloise nest week.


  2. Great news on Proton plan finished .great news she is doing so we’ll.pray not keep pulling out ng tube! Good get some family time togetherbeforeweds back for Proton therapy. Praying for all logistics .meds, Anna, .trave,l apptments, and tests, and treatments, to all go smoothly and give you the sleep you need at home .Love Judy Peter and Bethany Edward’s 🙂😎🙂❤🙏❤


  3. i continue praying and I never stop praying for this Giant names Eloise and for all of you, dear family!
    God is in control. Rest in His peace and loved arms!


    1. i continue praying and I never stop praying for this Giant named: Eloise and of course for all of you, lovely Family!
      God is in control. Rest in His peace and loved arms!


  4. Amazing to hear of this progress. Well done to all of you! Continually praying for strength and energy for the whole family. Xxxxx


  5. Praying you have a good time altogether and that Anna won’t find it too hard when you go back up to Manchester .
    Thanking Father that you are set up for the proton therapy . Blessings and love , Penny xx


  6. Thank you for the update. Encouraging news and enjoy your few days together at home before you set off once more on this marathon journey. Will be in our prayers all the way xx


  7. Praising, praising, praising the LORD for answering prayers!!! Eloise and family are in our prayers daily and continuing to press in on prayer points as detailed with each post. The LORD’s unrelenting love, watchfulness & care is ever with her and you all. Praying for all that needs to happen next week, most esp. the first treatment and that, as always, there’ll be no side effects whatsoever!!!!!!! That the 6 weeks will soon pass without any humps, bumps or hiccup in proceeding & delivery and that thru it all Eloise is brought to wholeness.


  8. Praying all the logistics fall into place. For Anna and all the family. For proton beam treatment without side effects and for strength to keep going for Mel and Pete.


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