Back home, enjoying some sunshine, and more appointments and operations

Thank you for your prayers for the drive back to Guildford, which we managed on Sunday. Eloise did really well all things considered and we only needed to do short extra stops to reassure her.

Anna returned to school yesterday and is so pleased to be back seeing her friends – she has skipped into school both mornings. We are so grateful for her school, the fantastic teachers, and the wider school community for all their love and support. They have all been wonderful.

Today Eloise had more appointments and tests at the Royal Marsden. We signed off on her stem cell collection, High dose chemo and stem cell transplant (of her own stem cells). She had various blood tests, Covid tests etc. All part of the ‘normal’ that Eloise has to live with.

Eloise is enjoying being home. It’s sad as she’s not smiling as much as she used to, and is still quite weak – but she’s eating well (alongside a top up via her NG tube), gaining strength and is trying to occasionally take a couple of steps on her own (she stands and walks by holding onto our hand). The best medicine and incentive is playing with her sister – but equally you can see she is sad and confused that she can’t do what she used to. We keep telling her that she will be able to do it again – that she just needs to keep practicing, and that she’s a superstar!

Eloise has a small operation at St George’s tomorrow. She will then have Thursday at home (yay!), and then go into the Royal Surrey hospital on Friday for her to have her first higher dose of GCSF ahead of her stem cell collection next week.

How do we feel?
We’ve not really written much about this over the past few weeks…. it’s been a huge rollercoaster and for most of it, we are just in survival mode. We just keep going – working out logistics with always changing appointments and plans, caring for Eloise, trying to spend time with Anna when we can… and cherishing any moments we have.
We are feeling grateful for the successful tumour removal surgery and shunt surgery, and are enjoying all being under the same roof for a few nights. The sunshine has been brilliantly timed for us.

For those that pray:

  • For Eloise to get stronger and be able to walk ‘properly’ before starting high-dose chemo which will wipe her out…for her to be comfortable, and have lots of joy and laughter over the next few days!
  • For the operation tomorrow to go smoothly, with limited pain afterwards.
  • For Eloise’s application for proton therapy to be accepted.

12 thoughts on “Back home, enjoying some sunshine, and more appointments and operations

  1. Yes Lord please bring laughter & joy to Dear Eloise during this week and more of your love for her and the whole family .
    Thankyou for the safe journey to Liverpool and back .


  2. You are an amazing family who God is holding in His hand. Thanking the Lord that things have gone well so far and will continue to do so until the miracle is complete . Praying as you have asked . May Father bless you all . Love Penny xx


  3. So good to know the miracles so far and we continue to pray that Eloise battles her further treatment. Love and prayers to all the family, you are all an amazing team and we pray that you have the God given strength to keep going.


  4. Thank you for writing and letting us know what your needs are. It all sounds so very exhausting! I am thrilled to hear that Anna has some sense of normal at school. You are all never far from my thoughts! I think of you and pray for you multiple times a day.


  5. We continue to hold you in our thoughts and prayers … for your amazing children and you their parents courage and strength … new every morning x Ann and Graham


  6. Thank You, Jesus, Eloise is home! Prayers abound as she moves forward towards full and complete,eye healing! 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻


  7. Thanks for detailed and practical updates. Thinking of you all with thankfulness and prayer as requested. X
    Seringa and Bob.


  8. We continue to pray on a daily basis for your daily needs and most of all for healing for Eloise


  9. Continuing to pray several times a day for Eloise. Thank you for the updates at a time when you must feel so busy and exhausted. I’ve also been praying that you would be able to enjoy precious normal moments. I was listening to a Brene Brown podcast the other day and a line stood out to me ‘In joyful moments, don’t dress rehearse tragedy but lean into gratitude’. I pray that these normal moments would be full of joy for you Xxx


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