Back to surgery for a shunt operation tomorrow (Wednesday)

The last few days have been unhelpfully eventful. Eloise had her external drain removed yesterday and ended the day doing much better. However, today she has unfortunately got a lot more poorly. She was sick several times and as a result had another CT scan. The scan was inconclusive so they tapped the Rickham reservoir in her head to test the pressure in her brain. The test concluded that Eloise has high cranial pressure (communicating hydrocephalus) and as a result will require an operation tomorrow to insert a shunt.

This is a much (much) more minor operation than the tumour surgery a week ago, but is still surgery under general anaesthetic and will increase the time it takes her to recover.

A team of oncologist and radiologists are still finalising the next steps (and timings) in her treatment plan, which is highly likely to involve chemotherapy (probably high dose with stem cell rescue) and proton beam therapy.

For those that pray:

  • Please pray that the shunt operation goes smoothly, successfully and with no side effects.
  • Pray that Eloise feels well enough to sit up , start eating and regain her strength. (Ideally we would like her to be walking again before we leave Alder Hey). Eloise needs to recover quickly so she can start the next stage of her treatment as soon as possible. (To reduce the chance of the tumour regrowing).
  • Pray for a swift finalisation of Eloise’s treatment plan/next steps and for favour with applying for proton beam therapy.
  • A huge on-going thanks to our Mums who have home-schooled, entertained and parented Anna in a very chaotic period.
  • Also a massive thanks to all the people who have generously provided meals, gifts, cards and sent messages over the last few weeks – some of which are from people we don’t even know. We have been utterly blessed.

12 thoughts on “Back to surgery for a shunt operation tomorrow (Wednesday)

  1. Mel and Pete May God strengthen Eloise and support her tomorrow in yet another procedure. May He give you peace over the treatment plan and bless Anna and her grannys . We continue to hold you all in our prayers and thoughts. Lots of love
    Ann & Clive


  2. We continue to pray and will be praying for you all tomorrow and for all to go smoothly, may the Lord bless and keep you all, may his face shine upon and give you peace x


  3. We continue to pray for this amazing and precious little girl and especially for tomorrow that all will go smoothly and Eloise will make a miraculous recovery. May she especially be filled with peace. The Lord is our refuge and strength – a very present help in times of trouble.


  4. Dear Mel and Pete
    We continue to pray for bountiful amounts of strength and courage for you both. For little Eloise to cope with the shunt surgery and recover well for her ongoing treatment.
    With lots of love


  5. We have you all in our prayers especially Eloise for successful outcome to the next surgery and renewed strength for her body. We pray that the sickness will stop and you will see a quick improvement in every way. Bless you both may you know the Lords peace and ongoing strength in theses so difficult times


  6. All the very best for Eloise’s shunt surgery. Hope her recovery is quick and that she can move onto the next phase of her treatment.


  7. Praying as you ask and that the peace of the Holy Spirit will surround you all like a soft blanket and cover you all with the blood of Jesus . Love Penny xx


  8. I hope that today’s surgery went well and that Eloise is recovering and stable now. Sending you lots of love xx


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