New surgery time for ETV and MRI reveals unexpected, aggressive tumour growth

After posting yesterday’s blog we have been told that Eloise will now have surgery on Friday morning (around 8.30) and not today (Thursday).

The procedure will also now involve a biopsy as well as an ETV – the whole procedure should take roughly an hour to an hour and half.

The reason for the biopsy is we have found out that Eloise’s tumour has aggressively grown (it has grown ~50% in size in two months) and we need to send off samples to review it pathologically to help determine the next steps.

This has come as a huge shock as the majority (80%) of tectal plate gliomas (the suspected type of tumour that Eloise has) are very slow growing. Confusingly, the MRI did not show some of the other signs (such as enhancement or diffusion) that the tumour is malignant. However, the large increase in the tumours size is cause for concern.

We can only take it one step at a time and will focus on making sure that the ETV surgery goes as smoothly as possible to reduce the hydrocephalus before discussing our options for the tumour.

For those that pray:

  • Pray for healing – for the reduction and elimination of Eloise’s symptoms (seizures and trembling), tumour and pressure in the brain
  • Please pray for peace, wisdom and protection over all our family – it has been an immensely tough and shocking day for all of us and we need to think clearly and calmly as we discuss and consent to pretty major brain surgery
  • Pray that Eloise does not get too distressed in hospital with the continuous stream of tests, change in routine and broken sleep to be observed through the night
  • Pray for energy – we are both feeling pretty drained but equally know this is just the start of a rough week and even longer treatment journey for Eloise
  • Pray for Anna – that she won’t feel abandoned, lonely or less valued as a result of all that is going on

13 thoughts on “New surgery time for ETV and MRI reveals unexpected, aggressive tumour growth

  1. We “pray-ers” are with you all, dear ones! Jesus is holding you close to His heart…. rest in Him… Trust Him… He sees you and hears you and loves you most of all! You are precious to Him…. and to all of us! Much love and prayer… 😘💕🥰💖


  2. Oh friends, this is too much. I am crying out to God on your behalf and for healing for Eloise. I’m so sorry. Praying Gods peace to surround your family, for Anna to have supernatural joy and stability in this time and for Jesus to touch Eloise and completely heal her. Sending love your way!

    Allison Sherwin


  3. I cannot even begin to imagine the difficulty and pain of this news. The Pitkin family are praying for you all – We especially that you will be able to feel God’s loving arms wrapped around you in this next week.


  4. Thank you for letting us all know what is happening. I can only imagine what this is like for you all. I will continue to lift you all up in my prayers. Many at my church are also praying for you all. Our God hears the prayers and He will sustain you. May He comfort you throughout what lies ahead.


  5. The Langtoft Lifegroup, of which Niki is a member are praying regularly into this. We even pray during the night as any of us wake in the small hours. We stand with you shoulder to shoulder in this. We have prayed so much for the tumour to shrink, but are not put off that it has grown. Instead, we will pray all the more. Blessings to you all. May you know more than ever, the great love of Father God through the fellowship of his children.
    Baz & Kaz xx


  6. Thinking of you all this morning and keeping you close in prayer.
    I pray for you to feel the comfort of God on this journey and especially this morning when Eloise is in theatre.
    I pray for Gods miraculous healing in this whole situation, that you will be witness and testament to how God comes right beside us , takes our hand and says trust me.
    God bless you all xx


  7. We are so sad to hear such tough news. We pray for God to hold onto you all at this time and protect you. We long for a new creation with no more crying and pain.


  8. All of my housegroup are praying for precious Eloise as she undergoes procedures.
    Praying too for Melissa and Pete. Many blessings and comfort to you all.


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