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Quick update for people who have kindly asked how Eloise is doing and if we have heard back from Great Ormond Street.

Eloise continues to do amazingly well developmentally (her language is exceptional) but is unfortunately still having a high (10+) and increasing number of seizures a day – which is disappointing as we were hoping the medication would have helped and started to work by now. We are hoping to speak with the Epilepsy Consultant on Wednesday this week.

We have unfortunately also not heard from Great Ormond Street yet – which is also disappointing but perhaps not that surprising given the time of year. We hope to hear more this week.

Thanks for all your love and prayers this Christmas time.  Its been a hard Christmas for everyone with restrictions etc, so we are very grateful that people are still thinking and praying for us. 

We would be grateful for prayers for:

– Positivity – at the moment it feels like each piece of information is not necessarily better news (the main piece of good news being how smart Eloise is and how she is developing)
– Eloise’s seizures to stop
– Anna to enjoy her school holidays despite the circumstances around her
– Energy to care for the girls well, whilst trying to deal with our own emotions regarding the whole situation.

And to bring you a little smile: Eloise LOVES music and dancing, so for Christmas we bought her a little music player, so she can play her own music (rather than want to use our phones ‘Mumma, Phone Song, Fun’ is what she says to us…).  Her favourite song at the moment is ‘FUN’ by Rend Collective.  Do take a listen (and even dance) – it lightens our mood!

3 thoughts on “No news

  1. Melissa, Pete, Anna and Eloise,
    We are praying for you all during this difficult time and will take your prayers from each blog to Church with us. Know that we are thinking of you all,
    Rhiannon and Matt xxx


  2. Dear Mel and Pete,

    We daily pray for you all and the wider family. Your updates are so helpful to know how to focus our prayers and love to hear that Elouise is developing an interest in music and dancing

    We trust in the God of miracles and believe for miracles in your little Elouise’s life. We do hope that very soon you will hear from Great Ormond Street.

    With our Love

    John and Miriam xxxx


  3. You all remain in my prayers!! I can only imagine how difficult this is on everyone in your family and extended family. My heart breaks hearing the news. Thank you for sending it along so we can pray specifically for you. I have shared your needs at our church during our prayer time. I know that God is near even when the doctors are silent!


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